Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is the eventual acceptance of same-sex relationships inevitable?

I think so.

It is interesting to see how, over the centuries, humankind has consistently moved towards accepting self-evident human principles. These principles often get clouded by the specific beliefs, politics, and economic interests of the people at the time -- however, in general, we are able to arrive at the right answer (sometimes taking hundreds of years) more often than not. We now often wonder how things that now seem unthinkable were perfectly normal at the time - slavery, gender inequality, inquisition, etc.

Sexual orientation is just one of these self-evident human principles. Sexual orientation is what it is, it is part of who we are, and nothing we do will make it go why not just accept it.

Interestingly, I actually have had the opportunity to see how these "transitory" states are even possible. While growing up in Mexico, and before I had the opportunity to expand my own perspective of the world, I could not understand why the issue of indigenous rights (poverty, discrimination, marginalization) was even an issue. In my narrow view of the world, it was clear to me that they were indians and I was not, and therefore it was normal for them to be treated differently. Only until I was able to get out of that environment was I able to see what was happening. Realizing that we are all equal and deserving of the same opportunities was extremely liberating. These days, it is hard to beat the feeling of a hug from an indigenous person from Guatemala or Mexico.

So, how long will it take for sexual orientation to be accepted as a normal part of the human condition? Well, sometimes it takes hundreds of years for enlightened people to solve these type of issues.....I think this one will be cleared a lot faster.

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