Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What is the most unstable economic system?


Capitalism, when left unchecked, tends to concentrate wealth the fastest. It is simple human nature - survival of the fittest.

Over time, the most aggressive, most intelligent, best educated, most resourceful, and luckiest will eventually take most of the resources over the less fortunate members of society.

Some of the most successful and stable forms of government today are those that find a way to harness capitalism's energy while controlling its bad side effects. These controls come in the form of regulations, incentives/disincentives, and some level of safety net that provides basic needs to those that cannot fend by themselves in such a system (e.g., elderly care/retirement, health care, etc.)

So, let's be nice to others while we enjoy the bounty, shall we? : )

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What are some of your one-of-a-kind moments?

Two come to mind immediately:
  • Coming home after a long trip and having my two little children and my wife running to meet me and then hugging me and kissing me ... you know right then that that is where you belong
  • Getting up early in the morning in a far away country, far from everything, and getting on my motorcycle not knowing what amazing places I will see or what amazing people I will meet that day
At these times, the universe is completely aligned : )