Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What makes some people seem consistently luckier than others?


It is all about how you see things. When you boil it down to basics, you really only have two possible ways to process events in your life:
  • Wonder why even in the worst of circumstances, somehow things seem to work out all right at the end?
  • Wonder why all the bad things always happen to you?
So, if the airline loses your luggage, or you wreck your car, or you lose your wallet, or you flunk that test, or you do not get the promotion or raise -- the key is to approach all these as opportunities, not problems.

Lost luggage is an opportunity to buy new clothes; test flunked is an opportunity to really learn a subject you always wanted to learn well; no promotion or raise is an opportunity to find a better job or start your own business.

You can find the good on seemingly "unlucky" events or just dwell on the bad. What do you think will generate more "good luck" for you?

Ummm, this sounds a lot like the "power of positive thinking". Could it be? : )

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