Sunday, June 28, 2009

What else can be done to get out of the current recession?

Quadruple the price of gasoline.

What would happen if all of a sudden we taxed gasoline to the point of having to pay $10 or more per gallon? Would we just sit in dispair lamenting the good old days? Or, would we raise to the challenge, as we always do, and figure things out?

Our capitalist system loves a good opportunity when it smells one? The speed at which we are able to reallocate resources, innovate, and lead as a country is unmatched in the world. Our entrepreneurial spirit and our incredible reserves of private investment capital are incredible assets that enable this nimbleness.

So, what would happen if suddenly gasoline quadrupled in price? Everything would become more efficient, fast. More carpooling, bicycling, walking. More investments in clean technology - wind, ocean wave, geothermal, solar. More efficienct use of resources - LED technology, local food production with less transportation needs, use less-recycle more.

Would it really be that bad?....we could also use the extra taxes collected to pay for the bailout : )

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