Sunday, December 7, 2014

Why do families end up living so far away from each other?

False goals ... independence, career, busyness

Our culture, the media, and society have led us to believe in some interesting concepts that often drive us to forget what is really important in this life.

Independence: Is being independent really the ultimate goal? Why? Is it when you ultimately end up alone and away from those who love you? Why are we so reluctant to offer or ask for help from our family when in need? Why do parents work so hard to not be a burden to their children and vice versa? Being there for each other, sharing, hugging ... in person ... it cannot get better than that.

Careers: An abstract concept that we have been taught to value over many important things like family. Is it better to make a long-term move to another city/country in the name of a career and/or money and away from our loved ones? What are we really leaving behind?

Busyness: Is keeping oneself busy all the time better than thinking, loving, or just plain chilling? Why do we feel that we need to be busy all the time (and tell everybody about it)? Is it good to burn our short life span with infinite tasks, errands, and meaningless jobs and not with the people that we love? In person?

One last thing ... lets not forget that traveling and exploring the world is one of life's greatest joys ... but instead of moving permanently away from loved ones and family, lets do it knowing that when we are done with our adventures, there is a place that you can go back, where our loved ones are! Home!

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