Thursday, June 19, 2014

What is the key to creating your own good luck?

Attitude, good will, and energy

The first ingredient is to be able to generate opportunities for "good luck" to happen. Getting out there to meet people, get involved, network, write something, play, exercise. Once we stir the pot, then it is all up to us.

The key is how we will deal and process this onslaught of opportunities - our attitude, our outlook, how we embrace risk, how we handle unknown situations, how we handle success, adversity, and, sometimes, failure. And, more importantly how we can make sure that we are having fun through the process, always!

Finally, the best predictor of good luck is good will. Doing good things for others just because there is chance to do it ... without expecting anything in return ... teach somebody something, help somebody with a difficult situation, put your arm around somebody when they feel down, love everybody.

For some unknown reason, the universe likes this : )

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