Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What are the key pitfalls to avoid when starting to build a CV?

Time, gaps, and trends.

When you are in the professional workforce in pursuit of a career, a CV is one of the key elements that needs to be nurtured and carefully built over time to achieve the desired objective.

A good resume must always convey a sense of advancement ... from a good high school, to a great college, to an exciting job, to increasing levels of responsibility.

When an employer reads a CV, the following are 3 key warning signs:
- Employment tenures of less than one year
- Gaps in between jobs/activities without explanation
- Job changes without aim and/or advancement

So, when thinking about your next step, keep in mind these simple pitfalls, keep moving forward, and always always have fun. Remember, it is all about attitude ... there is an amazing learning experience in everything you do.

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