Monday, March 26, 2012

What is the best tool to help you live life fully?


Nobody can deny that life is a sequence of random events, some good and some not so good. The key to living life fully is how we react and respond to these events.

Would you rather live a long, sheltered and protected life or one out in the open where life can come at you with full force?

To live is not just trying to extend the time we have on this earth - to live is to always be happy to be here and now, regardless of the situation.

Death and sickness are also just part of life. We should expect it and use it to strengthen our perspective and ability to enjoy life.

The uncertainty of life - what a great gift! Not knowing what is coming at you is just plain amazing! Isn't it?

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  1. Yes it is.

    I lived by that attitude when I left New York and flew to to the caribbean.

    There is no underestimating the right attitude. Ironically, sometimes the right attitide might be so well liked that an opportunity will arise larger than anticipated. That's when preparation comes in; knowledge in the subject/business that one might be submerged in, the business at hand. Attitude can be the key to open the door to opportunity, or better yet, it influences the gatekeepers to open doors.

    Attitude allows one to see and experience the beauty and adventure of new places - attitude is the motor and the gas that gets you there.

    Attitude - Our own renewable energy. Keeps the smile on our faces :)