Sunday, January 1, 2012

When is the right time to say "I Love You" in a new relationship?

As soon as you feel it.

It is interesting how much thought and agony our culture has placed on the simple act of saying these 3 simple words in a new relationship.

- What happens if I say it first and he/she does not say it back?
- When do you know that you feel "love" to be able to say it?
- What are the short and long-term implications of saying it?

If loving like you have never been hurt before is key to making relationships more meaningful, memorable, and fulfilling then what if you say it first? Is a relationship really worth having when all of these what-if dangers are in the back of one's mind all the time?

Keep it simple ... If you feel it, say it, enjoy it, and live it fully!

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  1. I agree, express yourself, there is always a risk, but life has to be full of risk to say I have lived, without regrets. Arturo Cahue ..(your old childhood friend from Capistrano, Mexico D. F.)