Thursday, October 6, 2011

What is the best way to increase your connection to the world?

Motorcycles? : )

In general, riding a motorcycle requires incredible concentration. When at the track, that concentration requirement becomes laser focused. Eliminating all the typical distraction that one finds on the street – cars, pavement, animals, people, etc. – allows for the perfect concentration on the task at hand.

The goal at the track is perfect execution in a repeatable way. Because of the speeds and the narrow tolerance allowed for every action (throttle, brakes, body position, lean angle, etc.) the mind becomes a narrow tunnel focused on the now.

When all the skills required to succeed at the track become second nature (after a lot of practice) – magic happens! You enter a meditative-like state that has an amazing effect on the mind and body. The world slows down, your heart rate slows down, peace surrounds you, the awareness of everything heightens, and you become one with the world. At that moment, there are no risks, nothing to worry about, nothing to solve, nothing to plan for, no to-do lists, no responsibilities, no concerns – just clarity and joy.

Does this state ever get interrupted by a potential disaster at 140 mph? Sometimes : ) However, without the potential for it, how could you get your mind into the tunnel of now?

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