Monday, January 4, 2010

Are entrepreneurs born or made?

Born AND Made.

This is the one area where both nature and nurture have an important role to play. The risk taking, adventure seeking, resourcefulness, self-starting, self-driven characteristics of an entrepreneur need to be there from the start (the "born" part). However, these traits alone will not result in a successful entrepreneurial career ... or even an entrepreneurial start. Combining these traits with a compelling personal need, access to capital, know-how, experience, mentoring, and education are also critical (the "made" part).

And then, when you finally have the "born" and the "made" parts lined up - you also have to have the trigger that causes it all to start rolling (e.g., losing a job, a willing investor, a friend with the skills you need).

Knowing that you "are" an entrepreneur is the easy part - knowing when you have acquired and learned what it takes to succeed is a bit harder.

If you need help figuring it all out, find a mentor (an entrepreneur that has been through this before) to help you get moving ... and enjoy the ride!

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