Sunday, May 3, 2009

When is the right time to decide what to study at University?

Sooner rather than later.

Our universities are becoming high school extensions.   Advisors, parents, and society in general seem to be focused on encouraging students to delay specialization and to continue exploring fields of study until they find something that resonates.  As a concept, there is nothing wrong with this idea.

Students also seem hesitant to specialize because of the notion that once they decide they will have to spend the rest of their lives doing just that - when reality is that most people change what they do a few times during their lifetimes.  Nothing wrong with that either.

However, what happened to the notion that college was the key step in the process of learning a profession from which to make a living? For many students, college is just becoming 4 more years of general studies because of this hesitancy to choose a major early on.

Wouldn't you put a lot more effort in understanding yourself,  and your abilities and interests if you had to decide early on (say around the time you are 16-17) ?  Then you would be able to focus on maximizing what you can get out of college from the get go.  

You would probably also enjoy the whole college experience more instead of constantly questioning what you should do.

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