Saturday, May 9, 2009

What is the easiest way to understand men?

Keep things simple.

Men and women are different, really different.  Men are more instinctual, women are more....complex.  Men process things simply and things need to be simple to be processed adequately.  Men process things serially - one thing at a time.  Men either like/want something or they do not. Men rarely get into the why.  

Women on the other hand are much better at complexity and parallel processing.  Women have a much better ability to analyze, extrapolate, visualize, and define expectations for a given set of situations, all in parallel. Men are usually 10 steps behind.

Can you see why these two approaches may clash sometimes? So, what to do? 
Here are 3 simple things that may be useful when dealing with men:
1.  Keep things simple, very simple
2.  Lower your expectations
3.  Let things flow (like you would with a puppy : )

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