Sunday, May 17, 2009

What is the best form of dating?

Serially and Seriously.

These days, we seem to over complicate the dating process.  We have defined all these terms to try to explain where a relationship is - e.g., dating, seen each other, going out, exclusively, not exclusively, boyfriend/girlfirend, etc.  And, everybody seems to be confused about what each of these terms really means.  

So, for starters, wouldn't it be easier if we only dated one person at a time? And, what about if we also gave it all from the get go? This approach would not only make us be more selective about who we date but it would also make the whole experience much more rewarding.....and simpler.

Investing the time and emotional capital required to chose and to really get to know somebody is a great way to develop lasting life experiences.  So what about if it does not work out, you still get to keep great memories of a truly meaningful person in your life.

Getting to know somebody also means ignoring all the crazy rules we have developed around relationships - e.g., when to meet each other's parents, when to say "I love you", when to call or not to call, etc.   How about if we just do and say all these things whenever we feel them, without any baggage or thought about where you are in the relationship.

Live your relationships fully from the beginning, with all your heart, and only one at a time!

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