Saturday, May 23, 2009

What is the best cure for depression?


People often ask me which of the countries I have visited on my motorcycle is my favorite.  I always find this question hard to answer.  Every place on earth is unique, beautiful, and amazing. 

However, while trying to answer this question, I realized that I kept thinking about the great people that I have met around the world and of the many "happy" places where they live.  These 'happy" places seem to be places that, regardless of material wealth or natural beauty, people seem to be doing better than others.  

In these "happy" places, people interact with people constantly.  At the market, in the street, in cafes, at the plaza, at the pub.  They are old, young, healthy, crippled, rich, poor.  They play, talk, catch up, help each other, work.  I found out that it did not matter whether I was in Vietnam, China, Morocco, Colombia, Patagonia, New Zealand, Guatemala or Austria - this was true around the world.   Also, cars, freeways, TV, electronic gadgets.....all generally in short supply at these places.

So, let's get out more, walk more, spend more time with people and family, slow down, and enjoy the world around us.

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