Sunday, May 31, 2009

What are some of the key elements to succeed in life?

When my children were young, I set out to come up with something that was not only simple but also something that could encompass timeless principles to help them through life as they grew up.  

The challenge was to figure out how to best combine principles that would drive them to get things done while keeping things in perspective.  Achieving an overall sense of hapineess and fulfillment being the ultimate goal.  I also wanted these principles to be able to help them in the toughest of times - financial crises, famine, war, etc.  And, they needed to be stated simply so they could understand and remember them from an early age.  

Not a simple task but here is what became known as the "5 rules of the Larrave Family":
1.  Never give up.
Perseverance to get things done when things get tough.

2.  Positive attitude.
Always think of the best outcome to focus on making it a reality.  No negative thoughts. 

3.  Always do the right thing.
For you and for others.  Always.

4.  Education
It is the key to opportunity and nobody can take it away from you once you have it.

5.  Love.
This is the meaning of life - always remember to be surrounded by people you love and people that love you.

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