Thursday, May 7, 2009

Should we legalize drugs?

This one is hard.  I would say probably yes.

Have you ever wondered what the definition of a "drug" is?  Or how drugs get to be classified on the legal-illegal divide? Should any addictive substance be considered a drug? Or, should it also have the ability to alter your mind and/or body? 

Why are caffeine, nicotine (a substance widely recognized as one of the most addictive in the world) and alcohol accepted as legal, but cocaine, marihuana and anabolic steroids are not?  Why is English tea OK but tea made from coca leaves is not (which by the way is very good)?

As long as there is demand for anything, there will always be a willing supplier.  All that the "illegality" of these drugs accomplishes is to be a catalyst for the creation of well organized and well funded illegal organizations that breed corruption, death, exploitation and destruction everywhere they operate.  

Why do we accept this as normal? Why are we afraid of legalization? Are people going to rush and become drug addicts all of a sudden? Have we learned anything from managing tobacco and alcohol (both highly addictive and mind altering but legal substances)? What about prohibition? Did it work?

I think I just convinced myself.

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