Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why does time seem to last longer when we are young?


Have you ever been somewhere where time seems to significantly slow down?  Perhaps when you were on vacation or visiting friends in some remote place .... suddenly time slows to a crawl, each minute takes forever, everything seems to unfold in front of you at a pace that allows you to take it all in.  At the end of a day like this, you somehow feel happier.... and seem to remember more of it.  Why?

Our modern obsession with trying to pack as much as possible in our limited schedules - work, family, careers, friends, children, TV, magazines, newspapers, radio, school, hobbies, sports, meetings, clubs, books, etc. - is actually having the oppossite effect.  Our to do list is always long and we are always thinking about it. We do not have time to just be, or to just think about life, or to observe the world around us, or to really be with the person we are with.  When we want to think about these things, we often realize that a day, a week, or a month have gone by without us noticing.   Children are experts at just being in the moment and enjoying every aspect of it.  

Be in the moment - time will slow down.

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