Friday, April 24, 2009

How much of who we are is DNA-based?

This is a good example for the 80/20 rule.

My opinion is that 80% of who we are is a direct result of our biology. Our personality, how we interpret things, how we learn, how we feel, our abilites, etc. - all passed on to us through our DNA.  The 20% relates to how the environment and our personal experiences add or flavor who we ultimately become. However, this 20% is directly dependent on the 80% for processing.    

That is why some people process things one way and others another way. Things like how we deal with a happy or a traumatic event,  how we learn another language,  or simply how we learn to ride a bicycle.  These experiences become more or less part of us based on our unique processing mechanisms - i.e., our bilogy.  

Learning who we are and how we best do things helps us be more efficient. We stop fighting against the current.  Life becomes simpler, easier, more productive, and more enjoyable this way.

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